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The World of Doogle McDuck
Journey Of A Wandering Mind

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I've booked an 11hr eye test for tomorrow. That's as exciting as my day off gets.

Trying to figure out what the new frames should be.

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So my employer has an "Equality & Inclusivity" policy. This includes training for all staff and staff networks for BAME, Women, Faith, Disabilty and LGBT.

As part of Pride month the LGBT staff network will be sponsoring a float at Pride. It has also got Pride Rainbow vinyl decals on a couple of buses, DLR trains and even Hackney cabs. To promote "Ride With Pride" within the company all corporate accounts had their desktops temporarily changed to a poster about "Ride With Pride" today.

So far I've experienced a mass email sent out by someone who works at a different site complaining. Saying that it's a waste of company resources and he doesn't want it thrust down his throat. I have also experienced a colleague just booking on complaining to me directly. I pointing out the corporate E & I policy. That at other times the desktop has been changed for both women in industry and black history month.

So it both seems that the diversity training isn't doing its job and that my colleague not only being an idiot in relation to our equality policy. He also either doesn't know any better to bitch about it in front of a gay man or more worryingly doesn't realise I'm gay.
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One of the things that is liable to make a body feel his age is a quarter century anniversary. I've got one this month. In June 1991 I attended my first Pride London march (and in those days it was most definitely a march and not a parade). I was 17, had just finished high school in Scotland and had been out on the gay scene for 2 years. This was sort of doubly illegal as A) the drinking age was 18 and more importantly B) the 'age of consent' for male homosexual sexual activity was 21 in those days. I was mostly out except to my parents and I was most definitely "here and queer".

What it meant to LGBTQ+ in those days felt a hell of a lot different than it does now. Well for a start it was just L & G in those days. We'd not even gotten round to adding B and the other sexual/gender identities in the queer family were definitely off the cards to a lot of people in the community. We could be legally be discriminated in all aspects of our lives due to our sexuality. Lesbian mothers lost the custody of their children just for being lesbian. We lost our jobs, could be turfed out onto the street and he told we weren't worth protection by the law.

Whilst things were far from rosy and I know that it sucked a lot I have to say that I've got a little bit of nostalgia for those days as well. There was a sense of community for me that's missing now. It was backs against the wall fighting to make sure the bastards didn't win.

Those days remind me of listening to Bronski Beat, Erasure and The Communards. Of being a "Smalltown Boy" and knowing what it was like to have the shit kicked out of you by bullies but also believing that your real life and love was just around the corner.

Marching across Westminster Bridge past a drag Margaret Thatcher weepily waving at us up a lamp post. Being surrounded by the biggest gay group of people I'd ever experienced. Knowing I wasn't the only one. To this day that is a magical memory.

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Who wants to come with me Saturday evening to see classic Women's prison flick "Caged"?


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So folks I need to find a new place to live. My landlord has decided to put the house up for sale. Looking for a house/flat share for about £500 PCM inclusive. Preferable not much further out than zone 3 and also near the tube/dlr/London Overground.

Please help.


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For those that care (I'm quite sure not many will ;-)). My dates are as following:


San Francisco: Sept 22 to  September 30
Seattle (with side trips to Vancouver & Portland): September 30 to October 9
Chicago: October 9 to October 21
Toronto: October 21 to 24
New York City: October 24 to October 31


I'm flying back to Scotland via Heathrow on November 1st and back to London and the first of 7 night shifts on November 5th.


Up for coffee and a chat whenever I have a free moment.


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With it being less than 146 days to the start of my great adventure trip of turning 40 I am starting to plan out things in my head (oh who am I kidding... I've been planning for months already!).

Just some blue sky thinking/wishing... Hoping that Ms Coco Peru will be performing live in one of the cities I'm visiting. That Mx Justin Vivien Bond will be on in NYC when I'm there... Oh and that Margaret Cho will be in Chicago round my birthday (continuing on the tradition of the last two years. You owe me Margaret for cancelling Berlin;-))

Any of my fabulous friends want to organise this? Thanks Sweetie Darlings. ;-)

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Have been thinking I need to get my 2nd tattoo in honour of my 40th. The question is what, where on my body & in what city?

Nothing to expensive or large. Something that could be done in one sitting. I already have the kanji on the right side of my chest.

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